Sunday, 11 May 2014

Peek o boo book

A peek o boo book can be both rewarding and having worked on two now I can say they are quite hard to illustrate. I have also tweeted with other illustrators who have worked on similar projects, who have also confirmed they are challenging! Great fun though too.

I recently completed a peek o boo book for a publisher.  The story is set on a farm. The heroin was a pony, called Rosie. The story was fairly simple, but illustrating it was tough, as the illustration on each spread is happening on three separate layers, with peek through sections revealing further detail. Working with templates can be quite hard, especially when you cannot put artwork in certain places and other areas need lots of detail. You may be thinking, "well what's wrong with that?", but what if the artwork doesn't quite work within those constraints? At the same time your artwork has to be telling the story. The rewarding part is when you get it right and it looks good too (well hopefully).

I already have some of the artwork from this project on my website, but as composite layers. In the this post I thought I would show them as separate layers. So below is spread 1 with it's three separate layers. If you want to ask me any questions about this sort of project, then please tweet me @stone_lyn

Here's the bottom layer first:

Here's the middle layer. The blank area is cut away to reveal the bottom layer:

Here's the top layer, which also includes the left-hand side of the spread, where the text is placed. 
Again the blank areas are cut away to reveal the middle layer and bottom layer:

Finally here is a composite of all three layers as they appear in the book: