Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How I illustrate

Sorry it has taken me a shameful amount of time to post a blog, but I have been very busy with commissions - hurrah, which means I get behind on everything else! How I work is something I have been asked in the past many times and as I was recently interviewed on-line on that very subject I thought I would share an example with you today. Here’s is a link to that very on-line interview – a first for me - yikes!

So without further delay, here is a step by step guide to how I created an illustration using inks and watercolour paints.

How I work: The following shows how I created my illustration of a boy riding a dragon for last year’s iPad skin competition run by my Australian agent.

Step 1 – I place the sketch or enlarged thumbnail onto a lightbox. The watercolour paper is placed on top and using an acrylic-based ink I begin inking the drawing, without following the sketch too carefully.

Step 1 How I work
Step 2 – Here is the finished inked artwork. I then stretch the paper using traditional methods.
Step 2 How I work
Step 3 – Once dry. I flood the paper with clear water and begin adding the first colour, which spreads and pools in the water in nice unpredictable ways.
Step 03 How I work
Step 4 – Start building the colours up a little. Again I am using the wet-in-wet technique. While everything is still very wet, I like to ‘push’ the colours around a little so they merge.Step 4 How I work
Step 5 – Now I begin adding colours in a more controlled way with the paper dry but mixing the watercolour over the paper by adding clear water to it.
Step 5 How I work
Step 6 – With this particular picture I added the background colours at a later stage
Step 6 How I work
Step 7 – Now I can start adding some texture and pattern by flicking the paintbrush, loaded with paint across the picture – this is great fun!
Step 7 How I work
Step 8 – Once dry I then scan the artwork and this instance dropped it into a template for an iPAD skin using Photoshop.
ipad skin DRAGON WEB How I work