Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My picture books

For the last few weeks I have been developing my own picture books - three in fact that work together. I wrote them some time ago, but have only recently got around to putting together a submission for a publisher. 

For the submission I created two samples spreads, and all three jacket covers! Quite a lot of work, but hopefully it will lead to a sell. I am now playing the waiting game. I have worked as an illustrator for a couple of decades now and this is the first time I have written and illustrated a picture book and so I am both very nervous and excited. The idea for all three came to me from my many nursery storytime visits, which sadly I no longer have the time to do. They used to be both stressful and great fun. Taming a room of twenty-five to thirty, three to four year old children has its challenges and rewards.

Obviously I don't want to give too much away, but thought I could share some of the artwork with you today without sharing specific details.

All the artwork has been drawn using nib pen and sepia ink. I have then painted the artwork using French and German watercolour paints and the paper I have painted on is Italian - very pro-european of me! I think my brushes are British though...

The illustrations below show my two main characters: a boy exploring with his pet puffin!