Monday, 4 November 2013

More dinosaur colour illustrations

I feel it's time to share some more dinosaur colour illustrations with you that I completed last year for a UK based publisher. The book is a reference book aimed at five to seven year old children with lift-the-flaps and a fun layout! 

All the artwork was created using nib pen and sepia ink and then painted using colour inks but watered down considerably, so that I could control the results better.

I was the main artist, but it is one of those books that has many illustrators contributing to it, and some of the illustrations I did look a little odd, but in context work really well. For instance the ones I am going to share with you today I more like portraits. These illustrations demonstrate the differences between a certain species of dinosaur - hence they look a little bit like mug shots!

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Here are some of the mug shots for you! I am sorry but I cannot find the original information on these and so cannot remember their names...