Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hobbledown's Rumpletump

Hobbledown's 'Rumpletump' is a character from the book 'Hobbledown' that I illustrated last year for Kids Space Adventures Ltd.

Hobbledown's Rumpletump is one of many wonderful characters in this novel. The book was created to not only work as a novel in it's own right, but also as a promotional device for the newly opened adventure park also called 'Hobbledown'. 'Rumpletump' is a monster that everyone is fearful of for many reasons. However he comes in very handy when the 'Hobblers' need to rid their world of the ghastly 'skibblers' that have invaded and kidnapped Fern the fairy. They lure the monster with his favourite food, custard pie right into the path of the 'skibblers'.

All the book illustrations were created using graphite pencil. I have been meaning to turn some into full colour for a while. At the moment I have a little time to do that and so recreated the illustration of 'Rumpletump' in his lair, scaring all the birds and everyone else!

For this artwork I didn't use any ink at all but chose to do the line work using a sepia colouring pencil. I then used the same watercolour technique I used for my recent dragon illustration.  I am quite pleased with the subtle colouring and the overall effect...