Monday, 7 October 2013

Arts award discover

I have been inspired today after attending an 'arts award discover' training course, which will enable me to become an arts award advisor. Sounds very important and I suppose it is really, but not from my point of view. It is all about encouraging children to engage in the arts and have a better understanding of art all around them. That is what is important.

Arts award discover: The Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England.

The Arts Award mission is to support children and young people to enjoy arts, develop creative and leadership skills, and achieve a national qualification. Arts Award reflects many different interests and ambitions, respects individual development and helps young people to define their creative futures.

Attending the course were a fantastic mix of creative people with different perspectives on creativity. We had poets, an illustrator (me), librarians, performing artists, and other very interesting people.

The course is aimed at making those attending arts awards advisors, but only for the entry level called ‘discover’. The idea is that it is a course for children and young people, ranging from 5 years up to 25! There are three parts, which are called ‘discover’, ‘find out’ and ‘share’. Beyond the entry level there are courses that will provide a qualification for the child or young person. They are called ‘explore’, ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, and ‘gold’.

The whole point is that you as an advisor can be as creative as you possibly can be to achieve all this - what fun for me!

We had an excellent tutor who not only works as a freelancer but is also an actress, and so she made the whole course highly entertaining with her hot pink nails!

Having attended the course today, I would definitely recommend creative people to become involved in this inspiring award for young people.

If you’d like more information, then I would suggest going to Good luck - get creative!