Friday, 20 September 2013

Pencil illustrations

Pencil illustrations just using graphite pencil is something I enjoy doing immensely. Today I thought I would share some illustrations that I haven’t posted about before from the book 'Hobbledown' that I illustrated for Kidspace Adventures Ltd.

Pencil illustrations: They plan to publish more and so hopefully I will get to illustrate those too!

The book itself has been published in hardback and paperback, and is available on amazon! The book was designed to promote the new 'Hobbledown' adventure park, but like many things it has become very much an entity on it’s own. In many ways it has inspired and fed back into the 'Hobbledown' site. Many of the characters in the book have their homes built within the park, and my artwork featuring the characters can be found all over the adventure park.

For the book I had to create a whole world of fantasy creatures from 'Hobblers' and 'Skibbler's, through to 'Rumpletump' – a particularly sinister monster. 'Rumpletump' actually ends up being rather useful to the Hobblers in getting rid of the nasty, smelly Skibblers who invade Hobbledown.

Anyway here is one you haven’t seen before. I would have posted more but the upload software on my website has just gone kaput! Maybe in my next post...

© Lyn Stone