Monday, 23 September 2013

Movie mania strikes...

Movie Mania is the title of a play for children I recently illustrated for an Australian publisher. The play is based around an African American family. A series of funny events unfold, involving a camera, a crazy cat and a boy. Movie mania strikes!

Movie Mania strikes: For this book I decided to experiment with my watercolour technique a bit. I used a similar way of painting that I had used for my boy riding a dragon. So I worked quite a lot in wet-in-wet using a smooth watercolour paper, so I could use a nib pen and ink. This avoids the nib catching on the texture of the watercolour paper and splatting the ink where you don’t want it.

This technique uses a lot of water and so I find it easier to stretch the paper first, so that I can control what I am doing far easier and have a flat and manageable piece of artwork to scan at the end. Everyone works differently, Quentin Blake and my friend Peter Kavanagh both work on un-stretched paper, which is great for them, but that just doesn’t suit me.

Today I thought I’d share a visual and finished artwork with you…

This visual is the revised drawing. The original didn't have a foot appearing in it at the bottom, which I am still unhappy about. The publishers wanted me to add a foot, but at the angle the camera this would be physically impossible. You would not see the holder of the camera’s foot, unless they were goose-stepping or performing some sort of weird gymnastics. Sometimes you have to bite your tongue and just do something even when you know it’s wrong!

Movie mania strikes again

29 Movie Mania Movie Mania strikes
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