Friday, 9 August 2013

Literacy fiction

Literacy fiction is something that is good to do as an illustrator, as it is a precursor to picture book illustration. Nosey saves the day is a children’s fiction book I recently illustrated for Eleanor Curtain Publishing, as part of their Flying Start to Literacy range.

Literacy fiction: I experimented with working a little differently on this project. I chose a heavy not watercolour paper, which has quite a good texture and instead of coloured inks I chose to use watercolours. In places I flooded the watercolour with water to force the pigment out to the edges, which you can see really well in the jacket artwork below. I am not entirely sure I would use such a heavy not watercolour paper in future, as it was quite hard to ink, but it was fun.
The main character, Nosey is actually a pet dog. In the story the youngest boy goes missing in the park, and mum and his big sister set-out to find him. Nosey uses his doggy good nose to sniff him out, and they find him frightened but safe stuck up a tree.
Jacket illustration