Monday, 26 August 2013

Knights and squires

Knights and squires are today's subject!

Knights and squires: In my last blog I posted artwork from a recent project I completed on a book about knights and castles, a lift-the-flap book for five to seven year olds. It is one book in a series of twenty four I am working on, which is why I cannot share too much information, including the publisher commissioning me.

Today I thought i would share some more illustrations with you. The artwork is all rendered in nib pen and coloured inks, used in washes, and the paper I like to use is a hand made Italian paper, which is beautiful to work on and allows for a great deal of detail and accuracy as it is completely smooth and pure white.

The following illustrations shows a baggage train, consisting of a squire, a knight, archers, soldiers, and oxen pulling a cart carrying a cannon. These are all going to be reproduced in the book really quite small, which I why they are quite simple illustrations.

The last illustration represents Richard Lionheart and Saladin fighting on horseback. Great composition to work on. I had quite restricted dimensions to work with on this one, and so it had to fit a particular space and still have lots of drama!

Thanks to the Royal Armouries for all their help!
knights and squires
Squire on horseback

knights and squires
Knight on horseback

knights and squires

knights and squires
Oxon pulling cart with cannon

knights and squires