Friday, 30 August 2013

Illustrations of human body

Human body illustrations can be tricky, as they require good references to start with, as it is very important that the illustrations are accurate. The illustrations I completed for a new non-fiction, lift the flap book certainly required that.

Human body: Today’s illustrations are from one of twenty-four books I have been commissioned to illustrate. It is a great project to work on for me, because the age range for the books is five to seven year olds, and so it has lift the flaps and fun layouts.
There are many illustrators in each book, but I’m lucky enough to be the main illustrator featured in all twenty-four! So, lots of work to do.
These illustrations have been created using a nib pen and coloured inks, used in light washes to build up the colours. I also use a completely smooth watercolour paper, which works well with the nib pen.
My brief for this book ranged from the skeleton of a six year old boy to an illustration of the digestive system. I have to say not my usual area of expertise, but a fun challenge.
I had to do a whole series of artwork based on a boy standing forward. The idea being you lift many flaps to strip the body back to the skeleton. On each layer you see something different, like the nervous system, the heart and lungs, etc.
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