Monday, 12 August 2013

Dragon iPAD skin

Dragon iPAD skin is here! This is an illustration  I completed this morning for myAustralian agent. It’s so hot today that it dried very quickly and so I was able to scan it!
Dragon iPAD skin: It’s my illustration concept for a competition being run to illustrate an iPAD 4 skin. I just got this idea of a comical dragon rather quickly and so decided to run with it. 
I did a series of thumbnails first (final version below), to quickly get the composition right. I wanted an illustration that would work both portrait and landscape – hence the startled looking bird in mid-flight. I also wanted to add a bit of humour and fun.
I used inks and watercolours. Because it wasn’t for a client I felt free to experiment and so decided to splash the watercolour paint around. I also used layers of wet-in-wet, which created interesting areas where the colours bled and merged. I wanted to create an interesting and colourful background. Well at least I hope I have anyway!
If you would like to see more dragons and fantasy illustration, please click on my ‘subject’ link at the top and then select ‘fantasy’. I have quite a few illustrations from my Hobbledown project on this section too.