Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dinosaur illustrations

I’ve been doing dinosaur illustrations for a book recently for a publisher. Never really illustrated dinosaurs in a big way before and so thoroughly enjoyed working on this project.

Dinosaur illustrations: The book is aimed at five to seven year olds, and is a lift-the-flap book. It features more than one illustrator, but I am the illustrator that will be featuring in all twenty-four books! So four down, twenty to go! So far I have illustrated the Human Body, Horses and Ponies, Knights and Castles, and of course Dinosaurs.
Inspired by Régis Loisel’s Facebook page, who I think is an extremely good draftsmen. This site shows lots of his wonderful sketches and roughs, I thought I would show a combination of sketches for this project and the finished artwork too!
One thing I did enjoy doing was a series of heads. Yes, heads of dinosaurs! Sort of  dinosaur portraits and so this meant I was able to add a little personality too, within reason! Here are some of the sketches for my dinosaur heads and dinosaur birds! 
Stygimoloch Dinosaur bonkers

Edmontosaurus Dinosaur bonkers

Dinosaur bonkers