Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Writing picture books

Writing picture books is far harder than you’d think and very multi-layered! I came up with an idea a few months ago for a picture book and am still working on it. Firstly it has grown into three books. Secondly just coming up with a great idea is not enough at all it would seem.

Writing picture books: I’m afraid I cannot share my picture book idea with you, because that would be daft beyond belief, but as my blog is a bit like a diary, I can at least share my thoughts. Luckily my agent also happens to be one of life’s natural teachers – in fact he can’t help himself, but he is very good at it! Having successfully published a number of picture books himself that he wrote and illustrated, he is the ideal person to guide me through this minefield! Just coming up with idea is not enough, because immediately you’ve just got a two-dimensional storyline that lacks any real depth, and there is a danger that your great idea can end up being flat and go out with a whimper. I have discovered that just like a cake, you’ve got to layer your ideas and give your story substance and a more three-dimensional feel. The more you put in, the better it gets!
Having battled with adding an extra layer to my original idea, I am now going to have a bash at doing some thumbnail sketches, to thrash out some ideas. This will no doubt feed back into the original manuscript and result in changes to wording and possibly characters. It’s exciting for me to be working on the words as well as the pictures for a change. Hopefully at some stage in the rather distant future, if this project goes ahead I may be able to share some actual artwork with you. However if you want to see more updates on what I am doing these days, and writing picture books you can also visit my blogspot blog right here!