Friday, 14 December 2012

The French Horn pub

Here is some artwork I haven’t shared with anyone on my website to date, and is a combination of conventional pen and ink, which has then been digitally coloured. It was a commission for The French Horn pub in Steppingley, Bedfordshire.

The French Horn pub: They wanted an illustration of a character that could become their logo and a sort guide on their website. As the name might suggest they wanted it to include a French Horn. They also wanted the character to be dressed in early nineteenth century, which for me was great fun, as I love doing period artwork.
The final image was to be used on their letter headed paper, leaflets, posters and of course their website. Therefore the final image really needed to be digital. However because it was an early nineteenth century character we wanted it to have a traditional quality too. I therefore did the black and white line work using a traditional mapping pen and black ink. This was then scanned and digitally coloured, using flat colour to give a quite graphic feel. I ended up doing the character in cool and warm colours to give the client maximum choice when using the logo. If you want to see my logo in use, please visit the pub’s website, which is lovely and very tempting: The French Horn
Here are the results. He’s quite a fun character I feel, and a touch Dickensian, wouldn’t you say?