Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Drawing graffiti creatively

Drawing graffiti creatively can be a challenge, and I don't mean hanging off dangerous buildings just to show off you can create a bit of vandalism over railway bridges! This is not something I would encourage at all. However the art of graffiti can be used to create interesting graphic effects, maybe towards a design for a poster to promote something, or an album cover?

Drawing graffiti creatively: As some of you may know I am trying to get into the habit of sharing my 'how to draw' videos with you! I do not profess to be an expert on graffiti at all, but this tutorial is aimed at helping you to improve your drawing skills mainly. A bit of an odd one, but apparently something people want to know and Google about. Obviously I have done it from the perspective of an illustrator and have broken it down into simple, easy to follow shapes that everyone can have a go at!

If you would like to follow this video and learn about drawing elephants, you'll need a sharpened pencil, or better still a technical pencil, which never needs to be sharpened, a good eraser, a range of coloured pencils and a sheet of cartridge paper to draw on. The advantage of watching and following this video is that you can hit 'pause' whenever you like or even go back over something again if you need to! Once you've had a go in pencil, maybe try stretching some watercolour paper, do it again and this time try some colour and paint it using watercolors or maybe coloured inks? If you draw it more than once, you can experiment with a range of colour mediums, just for fun! For instructions on how to stretch paper, see my blogspot blog.

I would love to get feedback from and you so by all means use the message box on this page to send me your thoughts on this video. If you would like to see more videos I have worked on, just got to here! Or visit my blogspot blog page, where you can find many more tutorials and tips, click here!