Friday, 7 December 2012

Drawing elephants

Now for something different – drawing elephants. I am trying to get into the habit of sharing my ‘how to draw’ videos with you! This  tutorial is aimed at helping you to improve your drawings skills and produce a really good drawing of an elephant. A bit of an odd one, but apparently something people want to know and Google about. Obviously I have done it from the perspective of an illustrator and have broken it down into simple, easy to follow shapes that everyone can have a go at! The same technique can be applied to many animals.

Drawing elephants: If you would like to follow this video and learn about drawing elephants, you’ll need a sharpened pencil, or better still a technical pencil, which never needs to be sharpened, a good eraser, and a sheet of cartridge paper to draw on. The advantage of watching and following this video is that you can hit ‘pause’ whenever you like or even go back over something again if you need to! Once you’ve had a go in pencil, maybe try stretching some watercolour paper, do it again and this time try some colour and paint it using watercolors or maybe coloured inks? If you draw it more than once, you can experiment with a range of colour mediums, just for fun!

I would love to get feedback from and you so by all means use the message box on this page to send me your thoughts on this video. If you would like to see more videos I have worked on, just got to here! 

How to stretch paper

A few notes on stretching paper. You will need a sturdy board, maybe ply wood, or MDF. If you use MDF it will need to be fairly thick, as it is quite bendy and paper is surprisingly strong! You will also need paper tape. A container with water in it - to be honest a bath is ideal. Cut the paper tape into lengths a little longer than the paper size (by about three inches each end). Place the paper into the water and submerge. This only needs to be in the water for no more than about forty seconds to a minute. Take it out and hold by one corner allowing the excess water to drain off. Place the paper on your board and then with a cloth, take off the excess water. I find a towel works well, placed over the paper and 'padded' down. Then very quickly soak your paper tape strips in water and lay it down swiftly along each edge of the paper. This will tape the paper down to the board. Then allow to dry thoroughly before working on it.