Monday, 3 December 2012

Agatha Christie 1920s

Agatha Christie 1920s – a decade in which we are introduced to so many of her most famous characters: Tommy and Tuppence, and of course Poirot to name, but a few!

Agatha Christie 1920s: So having done quite a few spreads, which are set in the 1920s, I thought it would be nice to share some of the artwork with you. Some of the early novels I have illustrated for The Agatha Christie Book Collection include The Secret Adversary, Poirot’s Early Cases, The Mysterious Mr Quin, and my favourite Five Little Pigs.
For all of these I had to research costume styles for both men and women, hairstyles, shoes and accessories. Vitally this needed to be combined with what a character would wear. For instance let’s say a novel is set in 1926, but one of the characters is a bit of a stuffed shirt and very out of fashion. I would probably dress them in something from 1923 with an out-moded hairstyle too. All these things have to be considered when researching the period. Another consideration is the decor too. Luckily I have a very useful collection of magazines from the 1980s, called Times Past, which covers quite a few of the decades I have been illustrating. It was a weekly magazine, much like The Agatha Christie Book Collection and featured interiors, furniture and objet d’art from the Victorian, Edwardian, 1920s, 1930s and 1940s periods.
Heres are a few pieces of artwork from the 1920s books I have illustrated:
Tommy and Tuppence
Hercule Poirot and Mrs Ariadne Oliver. These were not illustrated for a book set in the 1920s, but as they are both characters that both feature in Christie’s early novels I am including them into today’s blog!

The Mysterious Mr Quin