Monday, 26 November 2012

Latest illustration news is here! Rather than talk about recently published projects I thought I would give you an update on the projects I am currently working on – without giving too much away!

Latest illustration news: Firstly I have been busy working on a reading scheme book. They are a bit like picture books, because they tell a story with lots of pictures, but the reading levels in them get harder. They are a really good for runner of the picture book format and so are good to illustrate. They are usually published at different reading levels and are very popular with publishers. Having submitted the roughs for one, I nervously waited for a response from the client. Luckily for me the client liked the roughs so much they’ve given me a second one to work on, before I’ve even finished the first! So at the moment I am just waiting for the manuscript to arrive in PDF form. Here was me thinking I’d have December off – hah!
I have also been as busy as ever working on the Agatha Christie Book Collection, drawing more dodgy vicars, wicked barmaids and stroppy majors. The magazine series seems to be doing very well indeed! Here is some artwork from a recent brief:

Finally, I have at last finished writing the first drafts of three pictures books. All three books work as a set and so hence three rather than one! If my agent thinks they’re OK the next stage will be to produce some sample spreads. He has already said he likes the idea, and so fingers crossed here.  Once that is done to everyone’s satisfaction, they will then be shown to a publisher. Fingers crossed the publisher will think they’re wonderful (please, please), and go ahead and commission me for all three! Obviously I cannot give too much away at this stage, as it is all ‘need to know’. Only my parents have seen the manuscripts so far…