Monday, 19 November 2012

Cinderella illustrations animated!

I know I've already posted about this on my website, but I seem to have a different audience on blogger, so I thought I'd share it with you too!Cinderella animated using my illustrations! I did this artwork in the summer for the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough for the Winter Pantomime, and as well as appearing on posters, leaflets and in the foyer area, they have made a mini video out of it, which is very impressive!

Cinderella animated: This of course is a Pantomime with a huge twist and unlike the more traditional story has a maritime theme to suit the theatre’s seaside location of Scarborough.
This is what they are saying about this year’s Panto on the theatre’s website:
Who knew that Cinderella came from Scarborough? This year the world’s most popular fairytale is given a seaside twist.
Cinderella’s happy life capsizes when a storm washes her Mum out to sea and her Dad remarries a strange widow from Bridlington. Thrust into a life of drudgery in her Stepmother’s hotel, her only relief lies in gazing out to sea and watching the surfers soar over the waves.
The handsomest surfer has his own problem. Heir to the Slot Machine Kingdom, he’s too shy to talk to girls! When the Slot Machine King throws a Grand Beach Ball for the eligible lasses of Scarborough, Cinders knows she’ll never be able to go…until her Fairy Crab Mother intervenes. But her Stepmother and malicious Stepsister have other ideas and it will take all Cinders’ strength and bravery to finally be free. Will she make it to the Beach Ball? Set sail in our sparkling, surfing story to find out!
The illustration was actually drawn in sections to give the client maximum flexibility when it came to layouts. Some of their posters are landscape and others portrait, and so there were about five layers. It also meant they could animate it all far more easily.
Just watch this video…