Thursday, 11 October 2012

Poule de Luxe logo

Poule de luxe is a company that specialises in luxury house-hold goods and in particular lingerie and ladies nightwear! Earlier this year I worked on updating their logo, which is to be used on some future products!

Poule de luxe: As their name might suggest their logo is a chicken, a rather beautiful chicken, but they wanted it updated a bit with the addition of a globe, a painterly style globe that would draw on some of the colours they are currently using in their lingerie! This was a very different project to what I normally do, but quite enjoyable. I had lots of fun coming up with different colour combinations and in the end they had over twenty to choose from. To be honest the colour combinations were endless and so I forced myself to stop at twenty.

The artwork was created digitally in Photoshop Elements, which was the quickest way to produce lots of different colour combinations for them, and allowed me an easy way to change individual colours if the combination did not suit their needs.
All in all it was a great way to use Photoshop and made a change for me from working conventionally, and hopefully they will come back with more work for me in the near future.
Here is the final colour range they chose – hope you like it?