Friday, 12 October 2012

Drawing children

Today I thought I would share with you some sketches that eventually led to one finished piece of artwork, so you can see the evolution an artist goes through to get something right. In this instance we are talking about drawing children, and in particular little boys!

Drawing children: Prior to these sketches I had never drawn a young child in much detail before and so it was a real learning curve for me, and you can see from the sketches that some work, and some just miss the mark for all sorts of reasons! It is very brave of me to share what I can consider my less than successful pieces, but I wanted to illustrate a point really.
Often the sketching phase of any project is where the most fun, work and brain power are used. It is often when I am doing sketches and roughs that I prefer to work in complete silence, so that I can concentrate more on what I am trying to achieve.
All the sketches below are just drawn using a soft leaded technical pen. I prefer to use technical pens, because they never need sharpening and so you can concentrate more with out interruptions. Also I am absolutely useless at sharpening pencils, and end up whittling away most of the implement! You can see more of my artwork of children by visiting this website here!
Now this sketch has humour, but needs more work….?

        This one is getting closure and it a better drawing all round, but the dog isn’t quite working…?

This one works. He’ s a little older, which is OK. It’s funny and lively and the dog is interacting more with the little boy. You may recognise this one? It's on my main website!