Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Watercolour illustrations

I am sorry I haven't blogged here for a while, but I have been having terrible problems uploading images to blogspot, which put me off for a while, but I'm back for another go!

Watercolour painting can be very rewarding, as I have recently discovered. Yesterday I shared with you a re-working of an illustration of  a little girl. It was originally created in inks, but I think it now works better in watercolour. 

Today I want to share with you the rest of the illustration – the surrounding artwork that in essence, framed the little girl.
Watercolour painting: The original went to three of the major annual international book fairs, but I always wanted to try it in watercolour in a sligthly loser style too, which I am planning to push even further! In the artwork below, I outlined everything in nib and coloured inks. I then used a combination of wet-in-wet and another technique, which helps push the pigment towards the edge of a painted area. The second technique helps to make the flower petals illustrated more delicate.
What I would like to try next will be very different from anything I have done before. I would like to try outlining in nib and ink, as usual but then totally use wet-in-wet, so that everything is blurred, suggested. I want colours to bleed into each other and overlap, creating a soft effect. The only structure will be the line work. This could be a total disaster or it could be something quite special. I will share my disasters and triumphs with you here and so watch this space! To view similar subjects, surf my site or maybe click here!
Here’s the artwork itself: