Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hobbledown - more pictures

Good evening everyone. I said I would share some more photographs from Hobbledown with you and so here you are! I am also posting a video filmed by my friend, Stefan who came with me to the book signing and grand opening of the Hobbledown village. 

Here are some more great Hobbledown photographs! Some included my artwork, which was used on their education boards and the signage when you first arrive – in fact everywhere! Kidspace Adventures Limited have done a fantastic job transforming what was a local children’s farm, into something more and lots of fun!

Hobbledown photographs: I was pleased to see when I arrived at Hobbledown for my book signing that they had used my silhouettes in their signage, which is very effective and works so well. It was lovely to see all the animals there too. There were unbelievably cute Meerkats, miniature donkeys, Shetland ponies, goats, ducks, albino wallabies, and a lot more! For children some of the best aspects of the site must have been the amazing climbing frames, which were disguised as Hobbler homes (I have included some photographs of those below).
They intend to publish more books on the land of Hobbledown, including a poetry rhyming book for younger children, which I will illustrate and so I think I am going to be kept busy by them for some time yet! I can now of course share lots more artwork with you and so will in future posts, but today I am showing my artwork through photographs of the site.