Monday, 20 August 2012

Drawing graffiti

Drawing graffiti can be a challenge - especially if you are doing it illegally, which I disapprove of completely! This video shows a simple technique that will help improve your drawing skills. I recently shared a video with you on drawing 
waves well this one concentrates on getting great lettering.

Drawing graffiti: Over the past two years I have worked in collaboration with to produce over forty 'how to draw' videos. This is one to help people improve their technique when drawing lettering. Some of my videos have had over 8,000 hits!

What's great about these videos is that you can pause and rewind as many time as you like and so it's a bit like having a tutor in the your own home. It also means to can draw along with me in the video! In this video I show you step-by-step how to draw cool letters in a series of sketches, which I narrate.

I am always happy to receive feedback from people and so have a go and then maybe email me the results of your efforts! Today I looked at some of the reviews of my videos and apparently I'm 'awsome' and I 'rock'. I have to say at my age I never thought I was either, but it is nice to know people have enjoyed watching. Learn drawing graffiti today!