Thursday, 19 July 2012

New illustration sample: little girl

I have just found some time to work on some new artwork samples. Firstly I am revisiting a project that I did for Templar Publishing about two years ago for the book fairs. 

Unfortunately at the time the project was not taken up and it is hard for publishers to why sometimes. It can sometimes hinge on what mood the buyer was in on that day - quite literally - do they have a hangover? Have they had their morning coffee or not! It is all very precarious at times, but that's the nature of the business. However the one snippet of feedback I did receive at the time was that everything was lovely, except the little girl did not look 'generic enough'. So today I have been scribbling some new versions of the little girl. 

The following may not be what she ends up looking like at all and are only my initial sketches, but I think she is looking less like a portrait and more illustrative, and more importantly I feel she has a wider appeal.

I am also aiming to loosen up my style in my reworking, because I just feel it is all a bit too ridged at the moment. It is good to objectively assess your work regularly and to be honest about what you think you've done wrong - it is how as an artist you grow! I am very brave sharing my initial sketches with the world. That or mad!

Here's the first sketch:

Here's the second, but looking at it again, I need to redo the shape of the face, 
as it has lost some of the detailing that the first has around the chin area. Hair is looking less convincing too! Huh some much to do...

Back to the drawing board I feel! However when I eventually get this right and redo the artwork I will share it with you here!