Monday, 23 July 2012

How to draw farm animals

It's Monday and although that in the day I thought I'd share some videos today all about drawing, well farm animals! So here you can learn how to draw a chicken, a sheep and a pig! Oh and a duck if you like!

Have had a very interesting day and will hopefully have some exciting news to share with you tomorrow, if all goes well (fingers crossed). A small but perfectly formed commission has come my way and hopefully if they are happy with the fee I will get started tomorrow! I only have ten days to deliver the finished artwork and so once I get started I've got to move fairly quickly! Worst still I won't be able to share the artwork with you for some time either!

Anyway back to today's tutorial! I would love to get feedback on my videos, because if I do anymore it will help me do a better job next time. Enjoy....