Monday, 9 July 2012

Hobbler homes

Hobbler homes: The lovely houses are now built at Hobbledown and look absolutely great fun for children to climb all over and explore! The company that has built the wonderful village, shops and animal homes is German, and so as you can imagine everything looks very well built indeed!

Below are some photographs of the Hobbler homes and other buildings, as well as my drawing of the cosy-looking village and some other great houses! The artwork was drawn using a technical pencil, which never needs to be sharpened. I also use a very soft led usually a 2B or even a 4B, but you start to lose control with a softer led. I therefore switch between the two to get the effect I want to achieve.
The official opening is on the 26th July, but I understand it will open to the public by the 18th July, according to their Facebook page anyway! If you would like to see more illustrations and other artwork for this large project, go to my ‘fiction older children’ page or look under ‘subjects’ for ‘silhouettes’.
As well as illustrating the book, I also worked on their logo and produced a whole range of vector silhouettes of the characters from the book. Also silhouettes of animals and Rumpletump – a scary monster who’s partial to corn custard pies! If you want to read more news, you could try my blogspot blog too, right here!
Here are the photographs from the site and my artwork: