Monday, 30 July 2012

Hobbledown's grand opening

Signing books at Hobbledown's grand opening last Thursday turned out be hot work. I signed over 250 copies (well we estimated about that because within half an hour it was over 120!). It was such a hot day too! At one stage I ended up with a sturdy baby boy on my knee and I’m not quite sure how that happened!

So today as well as pictures taken by friends of myself and the author signing books at Hobbledown opening (taken with lots of camera shake I’m afraid), I thought you might like to see some pictures of Hobbledown itself! My artwork was dotted about everywhere on site! It is a really weired sensation seeing your drawings come to life in 3D with kids climbing all over them! They even had the characters from the book in full costume wandering around the site.
There was a giant whicker Rumpletump, which was a superb sculpture – very impressive! Hobbledown village, which doubles as a giant climbing frame site and lots more buildings from the book, including Fern’s fairy treehouse in the giant Quarcus Oak.
As so many pictures were taken I am going to share them with you over a couple of posts and so today, it’s pictures of the author and myself signing books (looking hot and bothered), and the wonderful sculpture of Rumpletump. I have also included below one of my pictures of Rumpletump that are in the book!
To see more photos, visit my facebook page here!
Do excuse the photo-shake in these pictures, which were taken by friends. I hope to share the official ones with you when they arrive!

Here's a fantastic whicker sculpture of Rumpletump and underneath my artwork, which I think they must have used for inspiration, as the sculpture is a dead ringer!