Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fairy superheroes versus giant

Sketches of ‘fairy superheroes versus giant’ is quite different from what I am usually asked to draw. I did them to help another artist out who was unavailable due to illness to do the concept stage on this project and so I stepped in to help.

Fairy superheroes versus giant: In addition to creating these strange fantasy characters I had to use extreme perspective. Everything had to be drawn at quite an odd angle, as previous books using this artist had all been drawn using this particular perspective. This made the project more interesting for me of course!
I only did the first set of concept sketches for this project, but thought I would share them with you today. These are only pencil sketches drawn using a technical pencil, as that was all that was needed by the client at the time.
The giant is really from the Jack and the Bean Stalk fairytale and I have no idea where the superhero fairy idea came from at all!
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Here’s the superhero fairy and giant from Jack and the Bean Stalk: