Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sketches Agatha Christie Magazine

Sketches Agatha Christie: When doing sketches for the Agatha Christie magazine I find when I am working on a brief I often like the sketches and roughs better than the finished artwork. You can sometimes lose the vitality and movement in roughs when they are translated into colour, which is a shame. So today I thought I would share artwork with you from issues of the magazine that have been published.

I work in pencil. Actually I use a technical pencil, because it never needs sharpening. There is nothing worse than being interrupted mid-flow by an annoying blunt pencil - very irritating!For all the roughs I do a great deal of research first.  All are set in different decades of the twentieth century. I have done the turn of the century, right through the 1960s so far, and so my knowledge of fashion for both men and women is expanding too.

The magazine itself is called The Agatha Christie Book Collection and is selling internationally, and can be bought in the United Kingdom in all WH Smith stores (if you're interested.) I am one of four artists who illustrate for the magazine regularly.

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Here's Cust from ABC Murders, Julius P Hersheimmer, Tommy and Tuppence from The Secret Advocacy: