Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Queen's knickers

No I am not committing treason and have a great deal of respect for her majesty! All will be revealed!

Last Friday I went to the RHS gardens at Wisley and amongst the spectacular and mind-blowing range of beautiful flowers was a wonderful display of mini gardens, created by local children. Indeed when we arrived the judges were going round each garden to choose the best - bit like the Chelsea Flower show. Anyway, one was entitled The Queen's knickers, hence the title of my post and this wonderful photograph along with the rest was taken by my friend, who was mad enough to take me!

Thanks to Andy for the great photographs!

Here's a shot of the whole mini garden

I love flowers and use them for inspiration, especially when I am working on a fairy illustration, and this is one of many photographs from Wisley I will be sharing with you in my posts. The illustration underneath this is taken from my book The fairy midnight surprise party, and is one of the many layers this pop-up book had.