Friday, 29 June 2012

Professor Cortex and StoryLab

Recently I dressed up as Professor Cortex and went along to a local school assembly to talk about this summer's UK nation-wide summer reading challenge for children. 

I had a white coat and silly name-tag, but sadly no crazy professor wig or giant Elton John specs, as the person getting those was still looking hard for the perfect afro-style multi-coloured wig! I would have settled for a Professor Einstein wig, but there you are!

This summer's reading scheme is called StoryLab and is all about Professor Cortex who collects stories in his strange laboratory before they are lost for ever. It also has a very loose Olympic theme too. Children have to read six books over the summer holidays. Once they sign up they get their very own StoryLab, which folds out and can be a sticker book too. Once they read three books, they will have accumulated numerous scratch and sniff stickers and a 3D bookmark. Once they've completed all six, it's more StoryLab stickers, a story catcher, a marvellous certificate and, WOW, a gold medal (well not real gold, come on!). It is a shame I am not little any more because this all sounds brilliant!

If you want to know more and get your child involved, visit your local library or take a look at this website right here! Shame I didn't get to do the artwork for StoryLab, maybe another year, hey?