Thursday, 14 June 2012

My new website is here!

I have been working on my new website since March and it's now pretty much finished and can be found on Google and Yahoo.

I still have a portfolio on my new website, but far more categories, a blog where I regularly post and also a nifty search button that appears on every page. The search button is really handy because you can put in whatever you happen to be looking for, let's say 'fairies' or 'pirates', and then hit 'search' and a search results list with links for my website will appear. It actually works too!

I also have facebook 'like' options and buttons for sharing on twitter, StumblUpon, MySpace, Reddit and lots more! I have also added widgets to allow people to link to my page and try out some of my drawing tutorials.

You can also leave me messages if you like, and you get to have a monster avatar! 

All in all, it's a lot more interactive and extensive and I hope you will like it. To visit my new site just click HERE!

I wanted to show you a screencast of my site that you could watch, but the screenr website is not working today at all - a real bummer! Nor for some reason can I upload any images to show you - a thoroughly frustrating day.

So I'm sorry very dry post today - YAWN!