Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to draw cool lettering

As I posted my logo for Hobbledown yesterday I thought it would be appropriate to share with you today my video on 'how to draw cool lettering'. Not that I go around vandalising railway sidings and bus stops, to develop cool lettering, but it was one of the many things I was asked to produce a tutorial on by videojug.

But before I reveal the video I thought you might like to see a few of the many ideas that I played around with early on when thinking up logo ideas for Hobbledown. All included silhouettes, produced as vector images that Kidspace Adventures Ltd are now using elsewhere!

This was one idea from very early on in the project when we were thinking more about animals and less about everything else that will be happening at Hobbledown!

This is another idea and I did a whole series with different colour combinations, but we all felt this was a bit fussy and the tree just didn't work! However the animal silhouettes went down really well and in the end I produced those all on their own!

Now I've shown you a few lettering ideas, see if you can follow my video and have a go yourself right NOW!