Monday, 25 June 2012

Cat drawings and how to do them

Well it's Monday and therefore it's 'how to draw' day on my blog. 

Here I will share a video tutorial to help you draw a kitten. I am also showing you some of my own cat pictures and my nephew's digital artwork of his cat, Nicnoy, which he sent me on Sunday. "Nicnoy" is Thai for small. I think it's pretty good and he drew it on his iPAD!

The video takes you through a step by step approach using simple shapes to build up your picture of a kitten. You may not achieve absolute success with your first attempt or indeed a few, but if you persevere you will get it in the end. Just make sure you have sharp pencil or technical pen (these never need to be sharpened), a good eraser, clean sheet of flat paper, and of course patience!

Firstly here's some of my cat artwork. As you can see it's a mixture of quite cartoony stuff and more serious studies.

Here's my nephew's drawing!

Now try drawing a cat yourself and watch my video below - good luck!