Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wordpress web building for artists

I thought I would elaborate on yesterday's post with some useful information for artists out there wanting a website, but maybe lacking either the money to have someone build a site or the technical know-how to build one themselves. A friend of mine suggested I try using a software package, freely available called WORDPRESS. You need to use the www.wordpress.org version, rather than the .com version.  

Now for the novices out there you DO NOT download this software package to your computer, like you would normally expect. Instead you INSTALL into where you keep your website on-line. Now you are all probably thinking, "how the heck am I expected to know how to do that?". Well on YouTube there are a number of very useful tutorials on how to do it, and here's a link to one: CLICK HERE and click on lesson 1 first! This link is also very good: CLICK HERE. Depending on your web host you can login into your 'CONTROL PANEL' your 'CPANEL', find where they have software packages listed and hopefully if they support WORDPRESS, you can install it from there! This is a 'what you see is what you get' programme, and functions similar to blogspot.

Once you've installed WORDPRESS, you then need to visit www.wordpress.org and go through the thousands of themes freely available, download the one you like to your wordpress, activate it and hey presto, you can begin creating your website.

I just felt like sharing this with everyone as it has been very useful to me and hasn't cost me a penny - except for my web host provider of course!

Good luck and I hope my links work!