Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Website versus trip to France?

Nearly there with my new website. I had no idea how involved it all is. I'm learning all about tagging images, improving your 'SEO', so Google can find you far easier and even getting the number of words on a page correct! If you would like to visit my site, I would be most grateful for any feedback, just click here! Do excuse any typing errors - it is yet to be proof-read!

Here's a visual of the homepage, which needs a little more work...

It hasn't been all work though. I have also been organising my short holiday to France, later this year. It has not been easy though. If you can't drive you've got to rely on other means of travel. In the end I settled for Eurostar and the French TGV! I'm going to stay in Honfleur in Normandy for five days and am really looking forward to it! It has been good practice emailing the hotel in French about various things. More on that tomorrow!

Best wishes