Wednesday, 16 May 2012

More fairies, plus fées minuscules!

Sorry - had to throw in a bit of French! 

Wow! One minute it's Monday, you blink and it's Wednesday! How did that happen? I guess it's called being preoccupied and this week it hasn't been with Agatha Christie, but with my Top Secret project that I can blab all about shortly - can't wait! I have been battling digitally with artwork this week and producing lots of foliage! 

One thing I can tell you is that this book does have a fairy in it, and so I feel justified in showing you some fairies I did for Templar Publishing some time ago. They were done for a dummy book, which went to the Bologna, Frankfurt and London book fairs. Unfortunately like many ideas it was not taken up. These days gift books, such as pop-up books are expensive to manufacture and so in hard times, like our current disastrous world wide economy, not so many are being published, which is very sad for us artists! In fact for every project you actually work on there are four or five that fall by the wayside and so it can be a very disappointing industry to work in. Anyone who thinks artists are soft - especially commercial artists need their heads examining. You have to be as tough as tungsten nails, unrealistically optimistic and as tenacious as a bulldog on someone's ankle. If you're none of these things, then just do art for fun or you'll go mad very, very quickly.

Anyway, here's a fairy or two...