Monday, 14 May 2012

Je suis une abeille animé!

Yes I am a busy bee! I have not stopped all over the weekend and another mad day today! I am still working on that big project that I can't divulge until July! 

That other matter that had me in utter shock and despair last week has been resolved. I managed to persuade the client not to go with the altered artwork and to allow me to alter it! I was very pleased with the results and thankfully so was the client and so disaster averted! 

Now what artwork can I actually share with you at the moment, that isn't 'Top Secret'? How about some nice pencil sketches of fairies? These you haven't seen before!

Hopefully in July I will be able to share over thirty news pieces of artwork with you, as well as some more Agatha Christie stuff.

Do not mind the French - I'm practising...

Une petite fée 

Une fée aux champignons