Monday, 21 May 2012

Agatha Christie an exotic mystery

Well I have just received my next brief for the Agatha Christie book collection and this one has an exotic theme set in the 1960s! This one has a shifty botanist, a magnificent hotel maid, a neat valet and tall, dark and possibly handsome hotelier amongst the cast! All are suspects of course. I have been told I need to aim for - to quote Agatha "gay clothes and exotic colouring". 

I have no idea if I can share any of my other work with you yet. I must speak to the editor, so I know which issue they are up to in the shops, and so then what I can show you!

Here's some sixties clothing I researched for the last brief, which was set in 1969.

I'm old enough to remember this sort of packaging design in the seventies!