Friday, 6 April 2012

Book jacket artwork

Hope everyone is having a nice day off on Good Friday. I have had a mixed day of boring housework and helping out at something called Messy Church. I know people who attend this little local church and they know I'm an artist and so low and behold I am helping out at Messy Church. It's aimed at getting children to play and create, and make as much mess as possible - hence the name! And they do get very messy! As I do lots of story time sessions with children I am quite happy to help out at anything like this - when I can fit it in!

So no illustrating today, however I thought I would share with you today some jacket artwork I have done in the past. Can't show you any recent work until it's in print, but here's some of examples of stuff I did many years ago now.

This one is just the artwork without the graphics added