Friday, 2 March 2012

An insanely frustrating day!

Not with my freelance work I might add, but with my telephone and broadband provider Talk Talk, who must have the worst customer care service known to man, the world and the universe as we know it! All UK human beings DO NOT sign up with this company! No one can contact me at the moment, nor can I make any outward calls because, Talk Talk claim I haven't been paying my bills, which I pay by Direct Debit. In other words, Talk Talk who have the power to withdraw any amount they like from my account because I have a Direct Debit failed to withdraw the correct amount. Instead of apologising for their error they have not only cut me off, but 'removed' my telephone number, which is a BT number I might add! So I have no landline and now no telephone number. I therefore can't even phone them using someone else's telephone, because in order to get through you have to input your telephone number first and mine no longer exists. Talk Talk are insane and utterly incompetent. I feel much better for sharing that with you now and now on to more pleasant subjects, art.

I am still working on the book, but am nearly there now. Next is the jacket cover and the very scary map I mentioned yesterday! I have lots of architects drawings to look at, as well as machetes and hopefully piece together a 3D map of the entire site and make magical and enchanting too! Phew, tough one methinks, which is why I've decided to tackle that one next week.

I hope some of you took the opportunity to look at those two links yesterday, so that you can look at some spoilers of what I've been doing! I haven't time today, but hopefully will be able to share some artwork with you tomorrow.