Thursday, 2 February 2012

Strange mythical houses and goats!

Well I am so sorry that my blog posts are becoming so erratic of late, but I've been really busy! This week I have been working on the next issue of the Agatha Christie magazine and this time I get to draw Hercule Poirot, very nervous because this one has to be approved by the descendants of Christie herself! Am also getting to draw Mrs Ariadne Oliver, who in recent TV adaptations has been portrayed by Zoe Wannamaker! She is wonderfully eccentric and so a joy to draw.

As well as the magazine I have been working on my mystery children's book, mainly working on amending roughs, so that everyone's happy with the ideas I've produced. It is quite a fluid project and because the book is linked to a larger project, new references and changes are happening daily at the moment and so my hand and pencil have got to keep up with the pace!

Hopefully issue five of the Agatha Christie magazine will be out very soon and then I can legally share with you the artwork I did for that particular issue and share with you how I researched for the artwork and developed the characters.

My working day is over now and it will be back to the drawing board for me tomorrow - literally!