Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Leonardo da Vinci

Had the opportunity to go and see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery, London today and it was well worth it. They had paintings in the exhibition from all round the world. Sadly not the Mona Lisa, but I guess the French couldn't bear to part with it, even for a couple of months! However they did loan Madonna and child, and there's was filthy compared to the second Madonna and child.

The main reason I went was to see the newly discovered portrait of Christ, which is beautiful I must say. I stood in front of it for some time. Here is a picture of it:

Quite magical are his little sketches and working drawings. Some were only tiny thumbnails, which is how I sometimes work. I sometimes find it less inhibiting and more immediate to work in a tiny postage stamp size when I have an idea in my head that I am trying to put down on paper, and so I knew where he was coming from when he worked in that way. Here are examples of some of his sketches that were exhibited:

It is only on until the 9th February and so if you get a chance go and see it!