Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Grissly, drooling monsters!

What fun! Today has been a day of scary monsters with big claws and long sharp teeth. Not in my home you'll be glad to know, just on paper!

The monster appears in the book I am illustrating, so I have been working hard on getting compositions right, getting anatomy okay (not easy I might add), and adding a sprinkling of humour too! There's a rescue mission scene, which I've made quite farcical, involving a very clumsy rescue, weird goggles and other strange Heath Robinson-esque equipment. 

I'm not finished yet either. Now I've got to switch projects and put my editorial head on and get on with changes to my artwork for the Agatha Christie magazine. I shall collapse on the sofa at some point!

This is not a monster, but he's certainly scary. This is a sketch I did in another artist's stead a couple of year's ago, while they were on holiday. I did it as a favour, so they wouldn't lose the commission for the main book. Ugly brute, isn't he?