Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Feisty teenage magical creatures

Well I can't tell you their actual names in case I give too much away you know. But today I have been battling with one small illustration that I must have scribbled about half a dozen times before it started to work. Artists get blocks too just like writers! Got there in the end I think - although my agent may have other ideas - yikes! He is my devil's advocate after all.

I hope to do some more Agatha Christie suspects soon, alongside this fantasy children's novel project, which is a gem of a commission. I get to really stretch my imagination and make fanciful hair-dos, clothes, shoes and creatures! Had fun just drawing a door last week, it was a fantasy door and not just any old boring door you know.

In a way the Agatha Christie commission is the complete opposite, but just as enjoyable, because I have to base all the clothing in fact and not fantasy. I am still waiting for the magazine to come out in the shops before I am in a position to share some of the artwork with you.

I am using this style for the book: