Monday, 9 January 2012

The bizarre world of art

One minute you're thinking about making a Superintendent as menacing as you can, in the gleam of his eye, right down to the strut if his walk, and next you're thinking about how best to draw two fantasy creatures, helping a third out of some mysterious icky substance left behind by some villainous, equally fantastical creatures. Yep, that's been my day today.

The Superintendent is of course a creation of Agatha Christie, and yes the advertisements are on the telly box as I write! Have caught the 'commercial' a couple of times now. Exciting stuff! As you can tell I am still working on later issues of the magazine. Hopefully if sales go well the company will decide to go with all of Agatha's novels and I believe she had over seventy published in total! Quite a feat!

Anyway, I feel like I keep teasing you with hints of what I'm working on an no artwork and so here's a published work...