Thursday, 8 December 2011

What a dreadful day!

Today I had to set aside my artwork and go off to do the second day of my course, which was terrible, or rather I was! I didn't realise we had to prepare for a five-minute public speech/lesson and of course I had done nothing and so had to 'blag' it! I hate doing that, because you're left feeling like you've just run through a ring of fire and got your bum singed a bit. So with hair smoking and eyes rolling I did it and wanted the ground to swallow me up! I think I'll stick to my day job of drawing - lol!

Next week I have got to do a fifteen-minute session and so obviously for that I will prepare. I have decided to stick to my strengths and teach everyone how to draw something. Probably something I have already prepared for VideoJug.

I have a nice day tomorrow though, sketching my characterful pigs! Much more fun...