Thursday, 15 December 2011

What a crazy week!

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry that it has taken nearly a week to blog, but I have had such a busy one! Meeting deadlines, preparing for exams and Christmas shopping. Today I had two exams, a multiple choice and a practical exam. I had to do a fifteen minute audience participation public speech, and I was filmed! Luckily the work I have been doing for Videojug came in very handy indeed. I used all the preparation from one of my videos for the speech bit and it went surprisingly well. As I had to leave early today the examiner got me to one side and said I had done very well and she had no negative comments, so I think I've passed!

I also finished another set of Agatha Christie suspects this week for the magazine. I really enjoyed this one, and used for inspiration one of the characters, who is a herbalist and so all the colours I used were greens, lavenders and cool greys. It worked a treat! As usual I cannot divulge too much information until they start hitting the high street, but once they're selling in W H Smiths I can start to share the artwork with you, until then you'll just have to wait!

Anyway,  here's an example of what I used today for my public speech exam: